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 - Collectible Ceramics designed and handcrafted in Maine USA since 1952


Andersen Design has moved!

Our production is located on River Road in Edgecomb, Maine.
we hope to have a new gallery set up by late spring.

Meanwhile ………

Andersen Design is in the process leading to the launch of a KickStarter project.


Our project target goal is a product launch for this unique Andersen mug, designed by Weston Neil Andersen, to be produced by another American slip-casting company in porcelain,

which is part of our larger vision of reinventing our production capacity as a network of independently owner American slip casting studios, which we have been talking about for years.


The mug you see here is a prototype in stoneware. Weston scratched the spiral design into the glaze. This is the idea for the production design in stoneware but the actual way in which the spiral design will be produced will be worked out in the relationship between us and the other ceramic studio whom we will contract to produce this design. It will be attractively done. We expect this mug to be produced in traditional production glazes, which do not have the interactive qualities we use, but can be very sophisticated and elegant.